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Estimate Solutions offers restoration consulting and estimating services to restoration contractors, public adjusters, independent adjusters, and lawyers.

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On-Site Estimating

Attention to detail and understanding of restoration and construction processes helps to develop an accurate estimate. Available within Atlanta, GA and metro area.

Restoration Consulting

Looking for a second opinion on a project? We can help to identify possible issues or help you reach the highest profitability possible.

Remote Estimating

Outside of the Atlanta area? No problem we can work with your scope of work to help produce an accurate product.

Business Development

Whether you are seeking to increase profit margin, streamline processes, or simply looking for a new outlook.

Inspection Services

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Frequently Asked Question

</p><p>What credentials do you hold?</p><p>
Estimate Solutions estimators hold Xactimate Level 3 and IICRC Certifications. We have a network of advisors with 40+ year’s experience as licensed adjusters.
Why use a 3rd party for estimating?
As a third party estimator we are unbiased. Estimates provided by Estimate Solutions are based on accurate use of estimating software and the pricing within. With the years of experience and industry certifications that come with using Estimate Solutions hiring a 3rd party has never been a better decision.
What makes a good estimator?
When finding a restoration estimator for your company it is often a difficult task due to how estimators within the industry are trained. Often estimators learn from either adjusting losses or are trained from mitigation contractors.

The problem with these training methods is that often estimators do not understand construction estimating skills. We often find that many “restoration estimators” are unable to read blueprints, do not understand how to perform a take off, lack an understand of how estimating and job costing impact profitability, do not understand contracting, nor understand hard and soft cost.

We belive that skills found within true construction estimators are what makes a great restoration estimator.

What is your turn around time?
Often a remote estimate is returned within 24 to 48 hours depending on size and the information provided. Once we are engaged to provide an estimate we will provide a more accurate turn around time.
How can Estimate Solutions help my company succeed?
Estimate Solutions has helped many companies and individuals over the years to streamline processes, increase capacity, and seek a higher profit margin.
I am in a CAT situation and need more capacity, can you help?
Yes. We often help adjusters and contractors responding to events increase capacity.
Do you negotiate losses?
No. Estimate Solutions, LLC provides estimates and supporting documentation to our clients for private use only. Estimate Solutions will not engage in any negotiations on our clients nor property owners behalf.